Five Things That Happen in Chick Flicks That Would Never Happen in Real Life


A lot of girls I know enjoy a good chick flick. The downfall is, women get odd expectations of what should be romantic. FYI, men are not clued into these weird romantic fantasies. If a man sits through Fifty First Dates, he’s probably secretly checking his fantasy football stats while waiting for you to let him make out with you.

Five Things That Happen in Girl Movies That Would Never Happen in Real Life

1. You Drop Something and Your Hands Touch While He Helps You Pick It Up

In chick flicks, this usually happens at a grocery store where the man and woman accidentally bump carts and she drops her produce. He then rushes to bend down and help her retrieve her kiwi and their hands touch in a blaze of electricity. Ladies, this isn’t happening in real life. If you drop your carrots at the market, men aren’t even going to notice. And when they do notice they’re not helping you pick them up. They’re watching you bend over so they can see THAT ASS!


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