5 Tips To Surviving Community College


Congratulations you’ve barely graduated high school and have found yourself in the absolute, soon-to-be-a-janitor, bottom of the class. Throughout your high school life you found alcohol, Mary-Jane and parties to rank much higher than class, good grades and a decent future. You are now going where no smart student has ever gone before. Community college. Good news, if you’ve been able to read and understand this paragraph so far you will probably get at least a C at community college.

Without further ado here are the five most important tips to surviving, but not necessarily passing, community college.

5 Tips To Surviving Community College

Tip 1: Leave your love life at home

For God sakes give your child a chance. If you are to meet, “The One,” at community college you are guaranteed to pass your subpar academic skills onto your child. Two wrongs don’t make a right, thus two dumbs don’t make a smart. Community College students are made to be the insignificant other of a smart and successful spouse, leave it that way!


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