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Meet Lovely Liz. She’s a 20-something millennial serving as absrdCOMEDY’s resident beauty pundit.

Liz Zharovsky

She rarely looks put together herself, but she can certainly tell you how to do it. Get all of your essential beauty & health questions answered here!

Dear Lovely Liz,
My hair gets so dry in the winter. How can I add some moisture without using too many hair products?

Drying-Out Diva

Dear Drying-Out Diva,
Getting dry hair in the winter is just one of the many reasons winter sucks, am I right?! Normally, I would say use some leave-in conditioner instead of using regular conditioner when you shower (or use both). But because you don’t want to use too many hair products, use what you have in front of you: snow! Just grab a handful of snow and massage it into your scalp before getting on with your day. Voila – moisture! Just make sure it’s not yellow snow.

Dear Lovely Liz,
I recently stopped biting my nails but I’m having a hard time growing them out after so many years of biting. Do you have any tips?

I’m A Biter

Dear I’m A Biter,
Congratulations on breaking a bad habit. But, to be honest with you, maybe you should just keep biting them. Long nails are annoying and require a lot of maintenance; but as long as you have teeth and a mouth, you’ll never need nail clippers again. Besides, as my mother always said, better to bite your nails than be addicted to heroin!

Dear Lovely Liz,
I’ve been breaking out a lot lately and I think it’s from the new face wash I’m using. What should I use on my face?

Pimple Princess

Dear Pimple Princess,
Try a different face wash.

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