Touching Tips: Gay Answers to Straight Questions Vol. 1


This is Travis. He is 25-year-old graphic designer and stand up comic. He wears glasses, listens to Spotify, likes sports, and enjoys craft beer. Just like every normal person. Oh, and he’s gay.

Touching Tips: Gay Answers to Straight Questions

Everyone knows somebody that is gay. In Touching Tips, Travis will answer all those burning questions you’ve wanted to ask that gay friend but didn’t want to appear as if you voted for Mitt Romney or Michelle Bachmann. This is a judgment free zone.


If I were at the gym with you, would you be checking me out?

6-Pack Gym Rat

Hey 6-Pack Gym Rat,

Don’ t think you’re gonna draw attention just because of your looks. However, I’m assuming by your frat boy screen name, that you’re probably hot but have some real douchy qualities otherwise. So to answer your question, YEAH, I would probably check you out. But it’s more to make a mental note that you’ll probably be working for me in like five years after the roids wear off.

Dear Travis,

Why are gay people obsessed with Lady Gaga and other obnoxious pop music?

Lady Blah Blah

Hi there Lady Blah Blah,

You seem a little too concerned with the music selection of the LGBT community. Do me a favor? Imagine the gays obsessed with acts like Metallica, and “Master of Puppets” was our jam instead of “Poker Face.” I’d put incredible amounts of money down that, in that alternate universe, we’d run the world.

How’s that obnoxious pop music that we love sound to you now?

Dear Travis,

I have a gay friend and he asked me to go to the gay bar with him. I’m straight and I don’t want to seem homophobic. But should I be scared about going to the gay bar?

Supportive but Scared

Hello Supportive but Scared,

Kudos to you for trying to be open minded and supportive of your friend. Gay bars can be some of the best times you have at a nightclub. Most everybody is there to have a good time, regardless of orientation. You should definitely not be scared of having a good time while you’re there.

However, if you hang out in the section of lesbians singing Christina Aguilera karaoke, THAT might be scary. You’ve been warned.

Got any burning gay questions that you’d like to ask Travis? Tweet them to @travisspotts.

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