Zombie Makeup Tutorial


These tips are not meant to be used in duplicity for hunting purposes. Creative humans can also use these directions to make themselves appear as zombies to show their support.

With Halloween just around the corner, a good costume is desired by most folks, but sometimes money just isn’t there for plastic surgery of the Renee Zellweger magnitude. For less than $50, however, you can make yourself up to scare your friends.

Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Items needed:
Loofah sponge
1 box gelatin powder (unflavored)
1 bottle glycerine
1 cup water
Acrylic paint
Tongue Depressors
Microwave safe bowl

Use the loofah sponge lightly on your face, neck, and hands to peel away some of the dead skin, being careful not to remove it to the bone, but enough to smooth it down.

Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Combine the gelatine, glycerin and water in a microwave safe bowl and stir thoroughly to mix. You can add color at this stage if you are certain that you are happy with the skin tone, but I would recommend adding it at the ‘usage’ stage, and certainly after testing it on small amounts first.

Microwave for 20 seconds (for a half cup of mixture). If you are not sure how long to do it, do it less than you think and do multiple shorter bursts until the gelatine is molten. WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPLY IT JUST YET, OR IT WILL BURN YOU BADLY!

When cooled, the gelatine is somewhat like rubber.

When it is melted, stir the mixture with a plastic implement (metal will cool and degrade it) until there are no lumps. Pour into tupperware or some suitable container (if your mixing bowl is not suitable).

Place the container on a bowl of ice to cool it quicker. Every couple minutes, dip a tongue depressor in it, if it’s still liquidy, it’s not quite ready. Wait until there is a little firmness, but still drippy.

Now, apply the gelatin to all your open, visible wounds, be them old claw marks, bite wounds, shots that didn’t hit your brain, and so forth. Once filled in, smooth them out with the depressors. If the gelatin becomes too firm, place it back in the microwave for a few seconds, as described above. You generally have about five minutes of work time before reheating becomes necessary.

After your flesh looks more filled out, it’s time to paint. Use a lot of beige and pink to make a healthy flesh tone. Or, browns and pinks depending on your ethnicity. Don’t worry if it looks weird, or unnatural. This is Halloween, and some people look pretty clownish on a daily basis.

Use a little rouge after your base is applied to give yourself a little flush of life, paying attention to the cheeks and lip areas.

Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Don some sunglasses, a fresh set of clothes, and you’re now ready to go out partying with the rest of the humans, who will never know.

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