Tips and Tricks: Halloween Costumes


Halloween is just around the corner, and it can be so frustrating trying to pick the perfect costume. We here at have complied a list of low cost and fun costumes for you and your whole family.


Sexy Therapist

Wow your date with a sexy tweed jacket and long wooden pipe. This costume also doubles your fun for any party as you can walk around the room trying to guess everyone’s faults while showing off your bulge.

Sexy Cellist

The ladies love a musician, especially one that knows how to open those legs wide!

Tips and Tricks: Halloween

Sexy Batman

Sexy Batman

(Sold Out) Sorry, Christian Bale has had the market cornered on this one for almost 10 years.

Sexy Cancer Survivor

This one is easy as all you have to do is talk endlessly about your battle with cancer while not wearing a shirt.

Sexy President

Who wouldn’t want to look like James Garfield?


Sexy Susan B. Anthony

Lead the women’s suffrage movement while wearing a mini skirt!

Sexy Eleanor Roosevelt

Impress all the fellas with your work feeding the down trodden with your cleavage out.

Tips and Tricks: Halloween

Sexy Eleanor Roosevelt

Sexy Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Declare your Halloween party unconstitutional with this revealing low cut judges robes and sexy glasses.

Sexy Rosa Parks

Just please don’t do black face. We are begging you white women ages 16-34.

Sexy Harriet Beecher Stowe

Look hot while you make a ton of Uncle Tom’s Cabin references that are completely incorrect or missing the point of the story.


Knife Man

A simple and cheap costume for kids — just hand your child two sharp knives and let the memories happen!

The Human Firestarter

A book of matches and a five minute lecture on how to effectively start fires!

Tips and Tricks: Halloween


Mudboy or Mudgirl

For poorer children already covered in mud!

Jesus on the cross

This one is discontinued for obvious reasons…


I’m not really sure what this one is supposed to be, but you can just dress her up in your ex-wife’s clothing I guess.

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