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*NOTE: Michael (Mike) Blackman is by no means an actual board certified attorney or comedian. Rather, he is a self-proclaimed law aficionado and comedy fan in general. His opinions do not reflect those of the absrdCOMEDY.COM staff or any of its contributors.

 Mike the Law Guy*

Mike the Law Guy*

“What should I do if I have been involved in a car accident and don’t have insurance?”
– Nathan, 24, Tennessee
MB: I am reminded of the ancient proverb, “Did you know 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance?”

“Can I smoke marijuana in my own apartment if I have a doctor’s note?”
– Hannah, 29, Rhode Island
MB: Only if you are walking distance from a 7-Eleven.

“Can I sue a hospital if I was misdiagnosed?”
– Mary, 45, Illinois
MB: Only if it was Ebola.

“Should I testify against a criminal if I fear he’ll come after me?”
– Cliff, 37, Pennsylvania
MB: Only if you want to change your name and move.

“What is the procedure for drafting a will?”
– Kevin, 43, Illinois
MB: Start by deciding who you would like to spite the most after you’re gone. Remember, where there is a will there is a way to get screwed.

“What can I do if a tree limb fell on my parked car?”
– Cathy, 43, Arkansas
MB: Sue God.

“What are the legal ramifications of adapting a child from Africa?”
– Susan, 45, South Carolina
MB: Very complicated and tenuous process unless you are a celebrity in which you can get one FedEx over night

“How do I get a bail bond?”
– Jeff, 37, Houston
MB: Usually your grandma will send you them on your birthday.

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