Top 6 Ways to Fish for a Compliment by Pretending You’re Being Self-Critical


You know when you’re in a room with people right after getting a haircut or maybe your friends just watched your latest interpretive dance performance and you’re just waiting for someone to “say,” something? Why not give them a little nudge? And what better way to fish for a compliment than by pretending you’re being self-critical?

Here are six ways to rack up flattery while feigning modesty.

1. If you are looking for a compliment about something you’re wearing, highlight the item in question and say how terrible you look in it.

ugh NEXT

A comment like, “Ugh, I feel like this sweater is totally washing me out,” could lead to, “What?!? You look great, plus that sweater is adorable. Where did you get it?” Ah, the golden ticket of clothing compliments, asking where it was purchased. Not only do they like the sweater, they covet the sweater! Plus, you didn’t just get a compliment on the sweater, you also snagged approval about your appearance as a whole. SCORE!

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