18 Skymall Products You Didn’t Know You Needed


Serious question, has anyone actually purchased anything in Sky Mall? If you have, or know anyone who has, please contact me, because I am dying to know. Sky Mall is one of those things I’ve seen a million times but never actually stopped and been like, wait, these are real products. I had a nine-hour flight, so I had some time to take a second look. While Sky Mall is undoubtedly full of treasures, I’ve narrowed it down to 18 of my favorite products.

1. Mounted Squirrel Head

I want to watch you sleep.

I want to watch you sleep.

You know when you walk into a room, stare at the empty walls, and think to yourself, “You know what would be perfect here? A mounted squirrel head with awkwardly long arms and an unusual amount of chest hair.” It’s only $24.95, and if you buy two more you save 10%…whatever that means. Seriously though, you’d be NUTS not to buy this.

2. Squirrel Tree Climber

Totally worth falling out of a tree to mount this guy.

Totally worth falling out of a tree to mount this guy.

So, you’re into squirrel art, but you’re more of an outdoor squirrel person. Totally understandable. First of all, just look at his tiny helmet. I mean, COME ON. The other incredible feature is that he comes with a harness, so when you fall off a tree in an attempt to mount him, don’t worry, he’ll be totally safe.

3. TowelTunes Towel Holder With four USB Ports & Bluetooth Speakers

Nothing goes together like spills & electronics!

Nothing goes together like spills & electronics!

Finally! A product that combines my two passions for music, fully charged electronics and wiping down kitchen-top counters with multi-purpose surface cleaner. I know what you’re thinking, can’t you just use an outlet and a regular paper towel holder? Yes. Yes you can. But this is Sky Mall, and if this product wasn’t completely unnecessary, it wouldn’t be here! Never again will you have to have that dreaded debate: “Man, I really need to wipe up that spill. But my phone charger is all the way over THERE and I’m on 2 percent! What do I do?!” Get out your checkbook, because this is $89 you will definitely not regret spending.

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These are real Skymall products – you should totally go buy them.

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