69 Bad Jokes: A Completely Unbiased Review


I must say, I rolled over in my grave a few times upon reading this Liberal garbage.

Luckily, “69 Bad Jokes” is a pretty weak attempt to reduce friction between the MASTER Race and it’s objectors. Who do you think you are, Martin Lurther King? Taylor Loser Steele is more like it.

I can remember this guy as a kid, what a little dink. He only ever wanted to be loved and fed. Now he conjures me from the dead to review this horrible book with jokes that are actually funny! I mean, the nerve of this “man” and his wife. Wife, if you can call a floozy your wife, harumph!

“69 Bad Jokes” starts up with a bunch of Liberal, left-wing introductions and rationalizations that are meant to be comical, but are far beyond any scope of understanding I wish to acquire in my after life. I’ll admit the book isn’t pushy and it really does offer “something for everyone,” but again I could care less about that. I come from a time when hate was rampant and understanding was something that could get you killed.

Something else that could get somebody killed are the practical jokes in this book, and as a former mother, grandmother and now, dead mother, I can assure you these practical jokes are not something you ever want a child to read — unless you don’t like that child, and want it to die.

Die, die laughing, I probably would have if not for being dead already.

69 Bad Jokes: A Completely Unbiased Review

My grandson is way more handsome than the person on the cover of this book.

“69 Bad Jokes” gets the party started, and not in the political parties of our day sort of way, in the light swinging bashes of future years past. Bad Jokes, Really Bad Jokes, Really, Really Bad Jokes and Jokes You Should Never Tell Your Mother are the joke chapters in this “69 Bad Jokes” and everyone of them sucked the laughter right out of my old, withered zombie face. Good times!

Other ideas expressed in “69 Bad Jokes” were Stupid Statements (a collection of one-liners),
Twisted Brain Teasers (deranged brain teasers) and Joketakes (jokes that didn’t make the cut).
 Bob Hope’s joke books never offered social media gaming over something called the internet.
I don’t know what that is, but anything you can play with someone else and for free is awesome (a word I picked up from a surfer in Heaven).

Having never used an iPad before, I found the whole experience quite enlightening. This was of course before my hands fell off, then it became extremely difficult to navigate the pages of the “eReader.” I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to keep it together, I’m literally falling apart from laughing while re-reading “69 Bad Jokes.”

“69 Bad Jokes” is a unique eBook with lots of entertaining qualities, but don’t tell Taylor I said that.

I’ll admit, like that nice, young, black man from that Fresh Prince show, “69 Bad Jokes” has won me over.

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