Joe Biden Leaks Own Nude Photos


In a new twist to the nude celebrity photo saga, Vice President Joe Biden released nude photos of himself to a 4chan thread.

“I just figured to myself that everyone was doing it,” reported the Vice President, “so I got my phone out and decided to get in on the action.”

The nude pictures currently include the Vice President covering his nude body with an American flag, pictures taken with his cell phone in a mirror, and photos taken at a doctor’s office—which is believed to be the latest promotion for the Affordable Care Act.

“While some may construe these pictures as a publicity stunt for the Affordable Care Act,” President Obama noted, “we would like to set the record straight—this was Biden seeking attention, clear and simple.”

This story came after many complaints were raised that no nude photographs of male celebrities were released to the public.

Joe Biden Leaks Own Nude Photos

Biden believes this will get him the Democratic nomination

“This is my way of stepping up to the American people,” Biden wrote later in his thread. “Let’s call it my gift to the people.”

“Many female celebrities owe Biden our absolute gratitude,” said Jennifer Lawrence. “These nude photos will really distract the American public from the recent iCloud leaks.”

Biden is expected to use these photos to bolster support for his 2016 presidential campaign.

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