Lead Designer For ZARA Claims Her, “Best Friend Is Jewish,” in Defense of The Shirt Recently Pulled From Shelves For Its Resemblance to Holocaust Pajamas


La Coruña, Galicia, Spain — The European clothing store, ZARA, issued an apology for selling a striped T-shirt adorned with a six-pointed yellow star after criticism came rolling in about the company being anti-Semitic.

“Fashion can be very subjective. And some people just don’t “get it,” said ZARA’s lead designer Anita Semmitte. “But the piece in question was clearly labeled “Sheriff Shirt.” Illiteracy is a real problem around the world. So, I think that’s the bigger issue here. Sure, the word Sheriff was the same color as the star, but it’s art. Art you can read. If you look really closely.” She then continued to address the issue of anti-Semitism by responding with a shocked gasp, “My best friend is Jewish… Jamie Greenberg.” Then after a long pause, she corrected herself, “Jennifer Goldstein.”

ZARA’s twitter account sent out the apology, “We honestly apologize, it was inspired by the sheriff’s stars from the Classic Western films and is no longer in our stores.”

When it was pointed out that stripes were usually a symbol associated with prison uniforms and not sheriffs’, Anita responded by saying, “Let’s be honest. Most people don’t look good in horizontal stripes. But with the sheriff badge, it was intended to give them the courage to lead the charge against their own body issues. It’s really an empowering shirt for the fatties.”

This is not the first time Zara has been in hot water for using controversial imagery on their products. Back in 2007, the company had to pull handbags from stores that included embroidered Swastikas.

Zara's Swastikas Handbag

Zara’s Swastikas Handbag was removed after negative feedback over the use of a Swastika

“That was totally a misunderstanding,” explained Anita who was also the lead designer of the recalled bag. “It was supposed to be plus signs. You know, a way to encourage woman to study math. But the pattern got bent. On all four sides. All four times on each of the thousands of purses we produced.”

When asked what Zara has in the works for 2015, they showed reporters their new Black and White line which includes Apar-Tie-Dyed Shirts and The South Will Low-Rise Again Jeans.

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