Woman Attempts to Buy Bed, Bath & Beyond Franchise for 20% Off


PLAINVIEW, NY — Tuesday afternoon, forty-five-year-old, Rose Klavin entered the Long Island Bed Bath & Beyond on South Oyster Bay Road in Plainview to purchase the franchise location which went on sale last week. Klavin spent two hours brokering a deal, all the while demanding that she receive twenty percent off because she had a coupon.

“At first I thought it was a joke,” explained store manager Michael Major who said Klavin approached the check-out counter without any merchandise and simply saying, “I’ll take it.” Klavin then presented a cashier’s check for exactly twenty percent less than the store’s asking price. Major immediately went to get the current store owner, Joan Boxter.

Woman Attempts to Buy Bed, Bath & Beyond Franchise for 20% Off

Rose has always had a special place for the “Beyond” section of Bed, Bath and Beyond.

“I was excited to talk to a prospective buyer who came in with money in hand,” explained Boxter. “However, Ms. Klavin kept insisting that she be permitted to use her twenty percent off coupon to purchase the store.”

“Nowhere on the coupon does it say that it cannot be used to purchase a store,” explained Klavin. “’Valid for in-store use only,’,” she read from the coupon. “You don’t get more ‘in-store,’ than purchasing the store.” Klavin then went on to read the coupon’s exclusion which ranged from “The ELF on the Shelf to Swarovski products to portrait studio services.”

According to her husband, Kevin Klavin, his wife has been working her whole life for this moment. “The woman is obsessed with Bed Bath and Beyond and with all of the time she spends there, it only made sense that we purchase a store.” He then explained that she never makes a purchase at BB&B without one of the store’s well known coupons. “We’ve been on vacation in Florida and Rosie’s driven twenty miles to the store, then twenty miles to the hotel to retrieve a forgotten coupon, and then another twenty miles back to the store just to save five bucks on a beach chair. She probably spent more on gas.”

“My Grandma still mails me all of her coupons. I have a whole bag of them at home,” said Rosie Klavin. “My bag of coupons is right next to my bag of shopping bags.”

After hours of going back and forth with undisclosed members of Bed Bath and Beyond’s corporate office, all parties agreed to allow Klavin to use her coupon to purchase the Plainview location.

However, the deal unfortunately fell through when Klavin was kicked out of the store upon asking, “What is your return policy?”

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