‘Sex Tape’ Hits Theaters, We Review Celebrities’ Best


For many, the “sex tape” has become the way to move up the Hollywood ladder. It takes extreme talent, some call it a triple threat, to overcome a low budget, bad lighting, and an unreliable script.

After the release of a sex tape the prestige and respect one earns pays for itself over and over.

Here is our review of the most popular sex tapes. Take note aspiring actresses.

Paris Hilton:

Paris has one of the most popular sex tapes to date. She practically invented the sex to fame path for all those that followed. This tape has all the markings of a well done clandestine romp with one of our nation’s leading heiresses.

Shot using night vision, this the cutting edge stylistic choice really pays off. It gives the I’m hiding behind the curtains and peering in feel you like in a celebrity sex tape. Paris was propelled into the lexicon of popular culture.

sex tape review

RATING: 4 stars. The downside to this video is that it is hard to see her naked due to the lighting. For the sequel may I suggest more candles or natural lighting and perhaps one of her songs layered in as a soundtrack.

Kim Kardashian:

This was a well-lit sex-stravaganza but the camera angles weren’t very complimentary. This tape unknowingly ensured countless hours of Kim all of which includes her *with* clothes on. Cleavage aside, besides a photo shoot in Playboy, this video is all we got.

Following in the footsteps of her then BFF Paris Hilton this tape propelled Kim to long lasting fame that Paris never found. Historians will have to decide if that is a good thing or not. A team-up sequel had been teased but never came to fruition due to Kim being busy getting married so many times.

sex tape review

RATING: 3 stars. If you squint you can pretend she’s with Kanye.

Pamela Anderson:

Pam made a career out of being naked and running on a beach. Her sex tape was taken on her honeymoon making it feel too personal. All the swimming and I love you’s made the viewers arousal time to inconsistent. Back in the day, we couldn’t get enough of seeing Pam naked. She owned Playboy back then, and that was without marrying Hef.

I would recommended less boat scenes. I think more locations would have helped elevate the story. I kept being taken out of the moment because I was too worried she was going to fall into the water.

sex tape review

RATING: 2 stars. We like our Pam a little dirtier.

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