Last Comic Standing Spotlight: Rocky LaPorte


Rocky LaPorte has been rocking the comedy world for a very long time. If you’ve seen him live you know how hilarious he is and undoubtedly became one of your favorites. Rocky has had his own “Comedy Central Presents” and also has appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” both critically acclaimed appearances.

Currently Rocky can be seen making America laugh on “Last Comic Standing.”

In the most recent episode of Last Comic Standing Rocky advanced to the Top 10 of this prime time comedy showcase. Ready to take on the world we buzzed Rocky to ask him a few questions.

What has the experience on Last Comic Standing been like so far?
A. Last Comic Standing has been a good experience but its been very challenging too as you’ll see as the show progresses. The exposure it gets you is great though.

Is there a lot of comedian backstage drama? Give us all the details – who hates who?
A. I can’t give away any backstage stuff they made us sign a confidentiality agreement.

What would you do with the $250k prize money?
A. If I won the 250K I would buy a belt, I really need a belt and probably a hat too. And lots of ice cream for when my friends come over, then I could serve them ice cream with my new hat and belt on.

How many Uncles do you have?
A. I have a lot of uncles and my family keeps growing almost daily!

Who are some of your comedy influences?
A. I grew up liking, all the classic guys, Rodney, Carlin, Pryor.

Who makes you laugh?
A. Comics working today that make me laugh are Greg Hahn, Paul D’angelo, Rodman on LCS is funny and has a great style, also Kathleen Madigan and Wendy Liebman.

Rocky LaPorte

Rocky LaPorte

We wish Rocky the best on his journey to be the last comic standing!

Connect with Rocky online:
Twitter: @RockyLaPorte

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