Kato Kaelin Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary of Being Semi-Relevant


It was 20 years ago that the OJ Simpson murder case began and Simpson’s name dominated every headline.

OJ Simpson

Kato’s friend OJ Simpson

Simpson’s best friend at the time, Kato Kaelin, remembers it a little more selectively…”I was all over some of those headlines. It was as if no one had ever heard of someone living in someones guest house before. I was kinda famous.”

Kaelin, a struggling actor had finally stepped somewhat into the limelight. “It was pretty rad, dude. I was this out of work actor sleeping on my boy’s couch, and all of the sudden I’m getting calls on the Juice’s phone telling me I’m in the news, too!” Kaelin said. “I was Generation X at the time, man.”

As Kaelin rose from obscurity the offers started pouring in. “I was a guest on MAD TV, that’s the show that wasn’t SNL, and many game shows that only a few people have heard of. Being the friend of a
murderer definitely has it’s perks! Sorry, he gets made when I say that, ‘alleged murderer.'” Kaelin added.

Kato Kaelin briefly worked as a radio personality until he got caught stealing food from the radio station’s break room. “They never proved that.” he claims.

Life after fame wasn’t easy for Kaelin. “Life’s hard without the Juice, man. I went from hanging at the Playboy Mansion to Playboy canceling my subscription.”

Kaelin remains mum on any current projects. However, he asked this reporter if I had any spare room on my couch.

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