Review: Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton


Not since Gwyneth Paltrow has someone in this century had to make such hard choices.
Clocking in at the length of an average Harry Potter book Hillary Clinton delivers a must read for those who love reading people’s opinions of themselves that they want you to believe.

This inside account covers all the ‘Hard Choices’ you’ve clamored for:

Hillary covers the ‘hard choices’ on how she dealt with the Monica Lewinsky scandal:
“It was hard. Up to that point almost 20% of my wardrobe was blue. After the scandal I really couldn’t wear blue anymore.”

‘Hard Choices’ surrounding life in the White House:
“I almost forget how to cook. Having someone always cooking for you, I became spoiled. One time I tried to make a turkey for Thanksgiving. I forgot to turn the oven on. Seven hours later I had to ask a servant to leave their family dinner and make us a turkey.”

The ‘Hard Choices’ around Benghazi:

‘Hard Choices’ around being a Grandma:
“I told Chelsea, no Tea Parties for that young girl. Not with an election coming up. We laugh about that all the time while drinking coffee.”

The ‘Hard Choices’ concerning a run for the Presidency:
“I really want to run and win. If I won the first thing I’d do probably is call Sarah Palin and tell her to ‘suck it'”

Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton

Hard Choices

Do I recommend this book? Absolutely.

Have I read it? Not yet, but I plan to as soon as it hits the discount table at Barnes & Noble.

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