Last Comic Standing Spotlight: Dave Landau


Detroit has known something for a very long time: Dave Landau is one of the funniest and brightest (and nicest) comics working today.

Watching Dave capture a crowd is definitely something you should put on your bucket list. With the re-launched of Last Comic Standing the rest of the world now knows it as well. Dave was their lead off comedian and rocked the stage. It was no surprise that Dave received such huge accolades from the celebrity judges.

Dave also has a movie coming out soon called ‘The King.’ Check out the trailer here!

We had the opportunity to chat with Dave about the experience.

The Last Comic Standing judges said you have a dark streak to your comedy. What childhood trauma do you attribute to this?
A: The judges were accurate that my comedy has a dark side. I don’t know if I attribute it to one experience but I have always found dark comedy funny. I’ve used comedy often to cope with deaths of loved ones, my addictions, just in general when bad things happen I laugh the hardest. I think not taking life too seriously makes me deal with everything better. I try to share that point of view with my audience.

After you advance what do you say to the people that didn’t?
A: I fortunately didn’t have to see anybody who didn’t advance after I did so there was no discomfort. But I’ve done the show 3 different seasons now and the times I didn’t advance felt awful. I really felt that there was a ton of talent on the show this year and I was shocked by some of the comics who didn’t advance. Keith Alberstadt, Lynn Koplitz, Ken Rogerson & Andy smith are 4 comics off the top of my head that I think are tremendous. I’m surprised they didn’t advance.

Dave Landau

Dave Landau

White Castle contacted you after the show – are you now their spokesman?
A: White Castle contacted me after via twitter saying “I guess we know not to offer you or your brother extra cheese” it was because I told a story that involved my brother & soliciting sex with cheeseburgers when we were teenagers. It was seriously a career highlight when they reached out to me! I was worried if the joke would offend their company then I realized that they made a movie (Harold & Kumar) about 2 stoners trying to get their burgers. I would be their spokesperson in a second. Those sliders have kept me from alcohol poisoning at least a dozen times.

Any good backstage stories?
A: I don’t think I can legally talk about anything back stage but one day I will.

When is the show on exactly?
A: The show airs every Thursday at 9/8c on NBC

The prize is $250k, what would you do with $250k?
A: I’d be pretty lame with the 250k. I would pay off my house & put a ton of money into my retirement account. I’m one of the few comics with a retirement account but I’d rather be dead than be a 60 year old “road dog.” I’d also buy a 1989 mustang 5.0 convertible black on black because there’s just enough Detroit in me that I want that car. Those mustangs like the one Caine drove in “Menace 2 Society” are sweet to me.

Connect with Dave online:
Twitter: @landaudave
Instagram: DTLANDAU

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