Lorde to Launch Exclusive SiriusXM Channel


NEW YORK (NY) — On the heels of the Billy Joel channel, SiriusXM is excited to launch their newest 24/7 star, Lorde.

The Lorde channel will focus on her record and the 10 songs on that record. “We may also have some live recordings. We expect to surprise a lot of fans with some great exclusive content and alternate versions. We even have an alternate version of one of the alternate versions. People are going to be impressed.” says Mary Wellgarten, Head of Programming.

“Lorde has proven to be a formidable artist and has inspired a generation of fans and artists.” said John Bluestein, Chief Content Officer.

“I love Lorde,” says Brittney Spears. “She is a formidable artist and has inspired me.”

The channel will kick off with the exclusive special: “Where Were You The 50th Time You Heard ‘Royals’?”

The special was shot over the past 2 months and chronicals a group of teenagers and their parents who without even trying heard ‘Royals’ over fifty times in a very short period of time. The special goes deep into the lyrics and what they mean to the fans. Have you seen a diamond in the flesh? No? Then tune in!

Some critics are concerned that the 24/7 format doesn’t fit an artist with only 10 songs but John Bluestein doesn’t seem concerned, “Have you searched ‘Royals’ on Youtube? There are like a million cover versions. We’re good for at least 12 weeks and I’m sure people will continue to cover it so we could go on forever.”

“I’m very excited.” said Lorde, “The ability to showcase my songs with out the disruption of other songs has always been a dream of mine.”

Lorde joins the other SiriusXM channels created with prominent artists, including Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Radio and Jimmy Buffett.

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