Father Abandons Family at Disney World


ORLANDO — Lawrence Gladstone is being held in custody for abandoning his entire family (3 daughters, 1 son, and his wife) at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

“The public is split on this one.” said the prosecutor, “On one hand people are calling him a monster and on the other hand people are calling him the best dad in the world.”

The man’s children enjoyed being at the Magic Kingdom for three days before realizing their father had left them. “We just assumed we kept missing him. There are a lot of people there.” said their son.

“Honestly, on day two I was like ‘where’s dad?’ but then I saw Mickey Mouse and it didn’t cross my mind for another day or so.” said their middle daughter.

The oldest daughter recalls, “We sort of got sick of the long lines and then Sally (the youngest) said ‘Hey, I think Dad has the camera’ and the rest of suddenly realized that Dad and the camera had been missing.”

Melissa Gladstone, the wife, assumed Lawrence had just gone to get one of those really large turkey legs. “He was always talking about those turkey legs.”


A Disney spokesman confirmed that the turkey legs are extremely popular and many families have been stuck in that particular line long enough to have others worry.

“I may not have thought this through all the way.” said Lawrence. “but I did some quick math and determined I’d be bankrupt by the end of the week so I split.”

Prosecutor confirms the situation is still under investigation.

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