NRA fires off solution to nation’s gun violence


Attendees at the annual National Rifle Association conference in Indianapolis this weekend believe they have come up with a solution to the nation’s epidemic of gun violence; mandatory body armor as a medical necessity must be covered under Obamacare.


A spokesman for the NRA said “we believe this solution is a win-win for everyone involved.  If we have to comply with Obamacare then we should get something out of it.” said NRA president.

The belief is that by making body armor for all ages a mandatory medical necessity that covered by Obamacare, everyone comes out ahead.

“We get to exercise our 2nd amendment freedom to arm ourselves and protest things like Presidential forced healthcare, and the wearing of body armor will protect the citizens from any stray bullets or ‘freedom projectiles’.” said NRA enthusiast.

Scientists confirm that body armor does protect you from many potential harmful situations. 99% of the scientists we talked to believe armor should be a covered medical necessity.

“Think of all the new jobs that we will create to meet the demand for all sizes of body armor.  We think conservatives and liberals alike can embrace this plan.” said body armor manufacturer.

NRA convention attendees celebrated their new idea by shooting down a piñata. The candy was inedible due to shrapnel and Mexican origin.

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