CNN to create 24-Hour spin off channel


In a bold move CNN has announced that they are going the way of MTV, by creating CNN-2.

“CNN-2 allows us to creates a space for us to do all the news that isn’t about Malaysian flight 370.” said executive. “The planet is mostly water, so our main channel is pretty busy right now.”


The executives plan on running CNN-2 with zero budget.

“It’s an exciting new model.” said executive. “It’s going to be staffed by unpaid interns and one of the executives nieces made the logo in Microsoft Paint. In the 1980’s we did this and it failed so this time they didn’t give us any money.”

Many question if there are enough available channels to accommodate the extreme fixations that have crippled the channels reputation over the years. However, executives at the Cable News Network seem unfazed. “The great thing especially about the naming convention is that we can just add a 3, 4, 5, etc. and each channel can focus on a singular topic.” said head of programming.

Off the record some insiders also confirmed an all Spanish spin-off, CNN-DOS.

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